Our philosophy



MINT is putting together everything, what everybody loves.

All day artisan concept
where you can find any kind of dishes up to your liking.

This lively venue offers a variety of freshly roasted coffee
and unique drinks that are skillfully crafted by experts.

In the morning, enjoy our delicious breakfast & coffee with baked goods.
Stop by for a business lunch or strengthen your friendship with nutritious food.
Spice up your evening with food and make nice memories at Mint that will bring you joy.

We are proud of our coffee specials, fermented lemonades, mocktails, teas, kombuchas or smoothies.

All coffee beans are carefully selected and roasted in-house.
Our Artisan lemonades, drinks and mocktails are crafted in Dubai.
Made according to our own recipes, which we constantly innovate.

MINT bistro currently have two venues in Dubai – one at Dubai Mall and a brand new one at City Walk.
Whether you’re in the bustling downtown area or prefer the more relaxed vibe of City Walk,
you can enjoy MINT’s delicious food, artisanal drinks, and welcoming atmosphere at either location.

Mint, the place you are going to love!